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D'Perennials Entertainment Limited is a talent/model management company dedicated to training/nurturing and managing talents, taking their careers to its zenith.
  • Our Mission

    To train, nurture and develop young/existing actors and models into becoming an asset of great value to the entertainment industry.

  • Our Vision

    To have groups of well trained and talented actors/models that represents beyond average in the entertainment industry to satisfy the needs of clients and audiences across the globe.

  • Core Values

    Transparency, Meaningful Interactions, Accountability, Diversity And Teamwork

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Our Service

Talent and Model Management

With over 50+ clients and partners, we train and nurture young talented individuals and manage already existing actors and models bringing them to the zenith of their career.

Movie and music promotion

As major players in the entertainment industry, we assist Movie/music producers and artistes in taking their projects to the next level and helping them jump the hurdles of penetrating the market as the industry is very big and competitive.


Our agency reaches a target of over 1million audiences and as such we can take your business/Services to its climax by assisting on advert placement on our platforms.

Sales/Supply of tech and studio equipments.

We don't just build and develop careers, we also help giving your project a colour with our high quality equipments used in all areas of the industry ranging from HD drones, cameras, lighting, speakers, amplifiers etc.
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